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The Company understands that long-term sustainability cannot be achieved solely through the fulfillment of operational targets and financial performance business success will be achieved if the Company is able to maintain a balance between the achievements of economic performance, social performance and environmental performance. Therefore, the Company prepares a variety programs based on the needs of the communities surrounding the Company.

CSR activities are executed by the Company strived to reflect the moral responsibility of all stakeholders, empowering communities around the operation of the Company and improve people’s lives through education and community development.

Through CSR program, the Company expects to be able to create constructive and harmonious relationships between stakeholders, the Company and the local community that can contribute to an increase in value to the satisfaction of all stakeholders.


Referring to the Company’s philosophy, the CSR programs developed are always centered on 2 (two) main fields: Education and Surrounding Community Empowerment. The Company believed that, in the long run, both factors would bring invaluable changes to the society. Continuing the targets from previous years, this year the Company launched more CSR program that could ensure greater community reach.

In carrying out CSR programs, the Company collaborates with various parties. In the field of education, the Company works under the coordination of Ancora Group through Ancora Foundation, while for other fields, it would be carried through its subsidiaries.