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PT Bormindo Nusantara (BN) is an oil and gas drilling contracting company specializing onshore rigs in Indonesia established in 1981. With more than 30 years of experience, BN provides services in the field of onshore drilling services and workover services with the competence and equipment owned by BN. Services are performed with 14 high-specification rigs currently owned. BN also offers a range of drilling-related services, including high pressure well control equipment, special drilling pipes, drilling register and monitoring systems, top drive drilling and rig transfer equipment. BN also provides workover services and well management enabling service users to intervene whatsoever deemed required for oil wells or other type of well management.

Completing the above services, BN offers management services across all aspects of drilling engineering and operations, from concept-building to execution and completion that are all covered in integrated project management services. In addition, BN also provides equipment rental services and drilling equipment and workover and manpower training services for drilling operations, well control, drilling techniques and the use of equipment and tools. BN proven track records that are proven to be safe, reliable and timely often convince clients that they will receive quality services fulfilling their expectations. Long-term contracts with major oil companies have also established BN’s reputation as one of the leading drilling and workover services companies in Indonesia.

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BBN will always put HSE as an aspect that requires special attention. Up until now, BN is still recognized as an oil and gas drilling and well services company with a good reputation in HSE. BN’s high commitment to work safety and operational quality has made BN a drilling service contractor with the lowest number of accidents.


BN’s target market is oil and gas companies with Contract of Work in on-shore fields since BN only rents rigs for drilling and maintenance of on-shore oil/gas wells. Bormindo is currently partnering with multinationals CUE Kalimantan Pte. Ltd, Pertamina dan Chevron, which is a major oil and gas company in Indonesian. To expand the market, BN focus on contract renewals and mass marketing activities for BN rig fleet. As a service company, customer satisfaction is key in maintaining a good working relationship. This would mean that BN will continuously improve the services it provides, fulfill all agreements in the contract, and maintain high standards of health and work safety by continuously maintaining the zero-accident achievement.


The reputation of being the most preferred business partner is a top priority of BN. For that reason, BN emphasizes service excellence and constant upkeep on the quality of its rigs by having them well maintained on a regular basis. Asset replenishment is carried out to ensure that all rigs remain in top quality.


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