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Vision and Philosophy

Company’s Vision

To become one of the pre-eminent natural resources company in Indonesia and create maximum and sustainable shareholder value and stakeholder.

Company’s Philosophy

We are defined by our underlying philosophy, which frames and guides every aspect of our business:

• Great Product and Services
  We provide exceptional solutions that create value for our customers.

• Great People
  Our human capital is our greatest asset - we inspire and develop exceptional people.

• Performance-oriented Culture
  We are a culture that recognizes performance and places merit and competence above rank and seniority.

• Good Corporate Governance
  We aspire to and uphold the highest standards of corporate governance supported by strong corporate culture based on professionalism, continuous improvement and integrity.

• Leaders in CSR
  We make a difference in people’s lives through our Corporate Social Responsibility program that center on education and empowerment.
  The above Company’s vision, mission and philosophy has been approved by the Board of Directors on Februari 2010 and has been updated and approved on   1 December 2015.

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