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Ancora Indonesia Resources is a diversified natural resources company focusing on Indonesia
Ancora Indonesia Resources is a diversified natural resources company focusing on Indonesia. We are currently active in the mining sector through our subsidiary MNK, who is the market leader in Indonesia for mining explosives (ammonium nitrate), and also in the oil & gas sector through our subsidiary Bormindo, who provides onshore drilling rig services to oil & gas operators in Indonesia.
PT. Multi Nitrotama Kimia
PT. Multi Nitrotama Kimia (MNK) is a trader and producer of Ammonium Nitrate, an essential ingredient used in mining explosives and provides explosive services for mining companies. MNK is the market leader in Indonesia, servicing most of the big Indonesian mining companies. MNK has over 20 year of proven track record in producing Ammonium Nitrate (AN) with production capacity up to 150,000 tons per annum.
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PT. Bormindo Nusantara
PT Bormindo Nusantara (BN) is an oil drilling services contractor, established in 1981 with specialization in onshore oil and gas rigs in Indonesia. With an experience more than 30 years BN is ready to diversify to provides comprehensive services related to drilling, i.e. drilling services, workover and well management, integrated project management services equipment and supplies rental, as well as workforce training services. BN also provide various drilling-related services; among other are high-pressured well control equipment, special drilling pipes, drilling recording and monitoring system, top drive drilling, and equipment rig transfer.
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PT Ancora Indonesia Resources, Tbk
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